FX|Cluster and RenderNet are now released!

We are today very proud to release our renderfarm manager FX|Cluster and our online rendering service RenderNet!

After many years of development, FX|Cluster have now had its final testings on Windows platform including Win7 with the most commonly used renderers on the market. Proceed to the FX|Cluster website!

If FX|Cluster is the backbone of a in-house renderfarm, RenderNet is the saviour when schedule are running tight and one needs more render power The online rendering service currently concists of 40 Dual Quadcore machine, planned to be doubled by Januari 2010. Visit RenderNet online here….



Online rendering

The first steps have been taken to bring up an online render farm service. We believe there is a need for a customer-oriented service assisting content creators in their render phase. The work now focuses on the home page/documentation and we hope to have it up before end of October. By then, it will be possible to render Maxwell, Maya and 3DSMax on initially 40 eight-core machines.

Just some more small things to fix…

After some intense months we are now really close to release, still som bugs in the Windows service that keeps Reine busy and a couple of pages to write in the manuals. Peter is fixing the link colors at the fxcluster homepage and is doing a great job. It is really hard not add features and optimizations while building a software release, I have to keep myself from doing that and concentrate on GUI layout, bugs, homepages and docs instead.

New HDR website released

We felt the old website was very dull so we decided to make a new one based on a blog engine (WordPress). Our intention is to report what HDR is doing at the moment and where we possibly are heading next.

Many thanks goes to Max Persson at Gravitropic for the tips and help on finding this theme!