We build new computer networks from scratch or assists in upgrading your existing site – helps out troubleshooting/benchmarking/optimizing.

Our specialty is networks of servers and workstations for utilization in mission critical media productions. Some of our clients are:

Since 1999, we have built tailor made render farms made possible by our in house render farm manager FX|Cluster.

For new installments, we offer our own customized hardware solutions including workstations, render compute nodes and file servers. This way, we can offer our clients part replacements within hours. Find more information here..

Of course, we offer support upon existing systems. This include render farms, workstations and servers in mixed Linux, Mac OS X and Windows environments. Programming customized pipeline tools is not a problem, we speak C++, Python, PHP, DOS BAT, Java/Javascript, bash, JSP. SQL databases, optimized RAID filesystems, image processing plug-ins for Maya, Nuke and so on.