You get the most our of a overclocked workstation/render node, our custom built Core i7 Hex core workstation is 50% the price of a equivalent dual Xeon machine. All at same or less form factor, sound level and with immediate part replacements included in our generous 2-year standard warranty period.


midi HHW.DenethorII

The big of the best. Silently run 12 threads @ 4.5Ghz – unmatched performance!


2TB Quality HDD, NVidia GTX 550Ti GPU, 32GB RAM, DVD, Win7 Pro, 21(b)x51(h)x52(d) [cm]

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File servers usually are expensive and hard to get – but we can immediately deliver all the space you need for I/O intensive file storage. Our 11 years+ of systems design experience is distilled down into our custom built file servers – no crappy hard drives, cheap power supplies or bad air flow. Choose freely to run Linux (RHEL6/CentOS 6) or Windows Server and simply deploy it with the add-on PCI Express cards that suits your needs such as Fibre Channel, 10GbE and Infiniband.


Supermicro-16bay HHW.FaramirI

Fat papa file server. A safe network file storage with capacity ranging from 5TB up to 200TB!!! Dual redundant 1200W power supplies, optional XEON CPU and 3 free additional PCIe slots @ only 3U/13.5cm height!


6 x 3TB @ RAID5 = 15TB. 1x XEON 5506 Quad Core 2.13GHz, 48GB RAM, OS installation and 24h burnin test included.


16 x 3TB @ RAID5 = 45TB. 2x XEON 5506 Quad Core 2.13GHz, 48GB RAM, OS installation and 24h burnin test included.

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High Definition Render has built numerous of mission critical render farms, we know networking/backup/Internet/licensing/render farm softwares/Maya/Nuke/3DSMax/Wiki/FTP/Web and much more.

Need a custom built computer? Our workshop is capable of crafting a computer made out of any possible combination of hardware components as long as they are electrically/mechanically compatible and operating system drivers exists.

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