Lassemaja VFX Pipeline Programming

Lassemajas Detective Bureau is a Swedish children book about two kids solving crimes in the fictive town of Valleby. Three films were shot at Stiller Studios Lidingö during 2011-2012, 100% Motion Control:ed and in a greenscreen studio. Madcrew 3D created the Valleby world using SolidAngle Arnold for Maya and post production took place at Storm Studios and Svensk Filmindustri’s premises by supervision from Fredrik Pihl and Torbjörn Olsson. HDR AB/Henrik Norin developed the automated Motion Control shoot pipeline together with Olle Westbergh and Tomas Tjernberg at Stiller Studios.

HDR/Henrik Norin also programmed the post production pipeline for Svensk Filmindustri incorporating a whole new camera based shot workflow invented by Fredrik Pihl. This setup combined with scrumming boosted the shot completion rate many times over, it also allowed for seamless import of new edits in the middle of production with minimum downtime.

A technical overview covering the whole Lassemaja production from previz to delivery:

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