Our web page has been updated

Information about our IT support services and hardware products has now been added to our homepage. Needing help finding the most optimized setup for your visual effects productions? We provide all the tools you need such as custom hardware, tailor made software and scripts, render farms, storage, network planning and backup.

More information about our IT support services here

Have a look at our custom built workstations, render nodes and file servers here..

HDR delivers renderfarm to design studio Pet Factory

Technical design studio Pet Factory, located in Gothenburg area, consulted us to design, build and deliver their new small render farm/fileserver setup. The solution is 100% based on our own custom build servers, render nodes and software – same as used in our 24/7 RenderNet render cloud service.

Shortly, we will announce the hardware here so anyone can have a look at the specs and prices offered by us.