Lassemaja VFX Pipeline Programming

Lassemajas Detective Bureau is a Swedish children book about two kids solving crimes in the fictive town of Valleby. Three films were shot at Stiller Studios Lidingö during 2011-2012, 100% Motion Control:ed and in a greenscreen studio. Madcrew 3D created the Valleby world using SolidAngle Arnold for Maya and post production took place at Storm Studios and Svensk Filmindustri’s premises by supervision from Fredrik Pihl and Torbjörn Olsson. HDR AB/Henrik Norin developed the automated Motion Control shoot pipeline together with Olle Westbergh and Tomas Tjernberg at Stiller Studios.

HDR/Henrik Norin also programmed the post production pipeline for Svensk Filmindustri incorporating a whole new camera based shot workflow invented by Fredrik Pihl. This setup combined with scrumming boosted the shot completion rate many times over, it also allowed for seamless import of new edits in the middle of production with minimum downtime.

A technical overview covering the whole Lassemaja production from previz to delivery:

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SF – Skuggor över Valleby

Pipeline development @ Stiller Studios

During 2011 and 2012, our main focus has been on implementing a complete digital recording pipeline for Stiller Studios at Lindingö, Sweden. With a feature film draft as input, the green screen studio shooting is made almost 100% automatic and at the end of the day the pre-composited offline media is ready to be delivered together with 5k raw source media.

Python has been the the main choice for writing the pipeline, Maya® plug-ins and other glue scripts which together are responsible for farming about 10+ computers and 15 apps in near real time.

RenderNet announcement

rendernet_v2_thumbOur online renderfarm RenderNet has now grown to a fully managed/automated service, still offering the personal support from workflow setup down to the final render process.

We are also celebrating 2 year anniversary by introducing 16 new render nodes, based on our own overclocked workstation “TheodenII” each equivalent to a 12(24)-core Xeon system. This makes our farm exceed 1000 cores of raw render power! If that were not enough, our prices has been cut by 33%. We are looking forward to a new existing render year!

Our web page has been updated

Information about our IT support services and hardware products has now been added to our homepage. Needing help finding the most optimized setup for your visual effects productions? We provide all the tools you need such as custom hardware, tailor made software and scripts, render farms, storage, network planning and backup.

More information about our IT support services here

Have a look at our custom built workstations, render nodes and file servers here..

HDR delivers renderfarm to design studio Pet Factory

Technical design studio Pet Factory, located in Gothenburg area, consulted us to design, build and deliver their new small render farm/fileserver setup. The solution is 100% based on our own custom build servers, render nodes and software – same as used in our 24/7 RenderNet render cloud service.

Shortly, we will announce the hardware here so anyone can have a look at the specs and prices offered by us.